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"So what can you tell me about Google adsense?"

Google adsense rocks!

Those ads over to the right are generated by Google adsense.

After this page has been up for a few hours or so, google will automatically detect that it exists and examine its contents.

By doing counts of word/phrase occurrences, looking at headings and a bunch of other things, it can automatically figure out what would be the most appropriate ads to display and starts to display them! (Before it has looked at the page, it either displays ads similar to the rest of your website or humanitarian organisation ads.)

"How much do you earn?"

It depends on a bunch of things - you get paid only when someone clicks on the ads and different ads pay different amounts.

Advertisers pay to have their ads displayed when people search on google for particular words/phrases. The same concept applies for websites although it's up to google's adsense technology to figure out what words/phrases are most appropriate for the site.

For example, the ads displayed alongside my dead hard drive story will be related to hard drive recovery.

I expect that after a little while the ads to the right will probably start displaying ads about google adsense.

Also, the more popular a search term, the more advertisers will pay - if you've got a website about viagra you're probably going to get much more money. (Then again, that may be because the advertisers selling viagra are just willing to pay lots.)

"So how much have you earnt from"

It's part of Google's terms and conditions that you can't disclose that info.

Let's just say I'm not about to retire but it's certainly enough to cover hosting/bandwidth costs and buy some DVDs.

"How easy is it to set up?"

That's where Google have excelled themselves - it's so easy to set up it's ridiculous.

After joining up, you get a small piece of html/javascript code which you can copy and paste into any of your webpages.

You don't have to alter it at all for different pages and even for different websites. I use the same piece of code on all the pages on this website as for my website.

"Where do I join up?"

Click on this really big button :

Want to learn more about Adsense?

Visit this site -


Any other questions gladly answered - me.

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